Energy saving and environmental protection

Permanent magnet gearless machine

Adopt rare earth materials; integrate coaxial transmission technology, digital converter technology with group computer control technology with low cost, low energy loss; compared with traditional technology, 33% of resource can be saved. Gearless machine does not need to change oil with no oil pollution,low noise, which is tranquil and natural.

Permanent magnet synchronous machine system

The door motor adopts latest frequency converting control technology with closed-loop control, which is applicable to car door sill. The curve adjustment in door motor is simple and convenient with compact structure, high usage of well, which can make real-time monitoring over door motor operation.

Intellectual vector type integrated control system

It combines with latest generation of industrial control tech and communication tech. It covers distance control, direct parking, closed-loop vector control tech, CANBUS communication tech, multi-CPU running tech. It froms new generation of intellectual vector type integrated control system.

Multiple energy saving mode

Multiple energy saving patterns which is energy saving, worry-saving and settles a matter at one go;LED lamp has long service life, low power consumption, which is one eighth of incandescent light bulb and half of fluorescent lamp;When the elevator is in dormant state (no calling landing need), the illumination, and fan of lift car will be automatically closed, thus achieving energy saving effects;Passenger can cancel ineffective command automatically, avoiding ineffective operation of elevator and consumption of electricity.

Efficient intelligence

Macromolecule filler technology

The lift car wall adopts macromolecule filer technology, making overall lift car weightier, gaining excellent stability in operation. At the meantime, vesicant takes excellent effects of heat preservation, sound insulation, and shock absorption, improving effectively comfort of elevator.

32 place controller with high performance

32 place controller with high performance
Computer control panel with optimum performance; 32 place industrial level ARM controller with high level of performance; precise definition about speed signal with exceeding comfort; strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, strong antistatic ability

Light curtain protection system

Set infrared ray light curtain protection system with multiple rays in entrance and exit. If any beam of light is shielded, the door will stop immediately and open reversely in closing process. The door in closing is easy to detect human beings and objects through use of multiple-rays sensor.

V slotting technology

The parts made by V slotting bend forming technology have small fillet radius with less straightness error in bending edge of narrow and long parts, which is favorable to compactness of door closing, convoying your safe travel.

ID/IC identity recognition, escorting safe travel

(1)Enter to the elevator

(2)Induction IC card

(3)The elevator to floor layer

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