Hospital Elevator

Be Considerate With Meticulous Care

Life safety comes first. Each time of speeding up of elevator is to race against life; each stable operation of elevator is respect on life; each time of reform in elevator is responsible for life. We set out from heart, and what we do is much more than what you can imagine.

Leading intelligent science and technology to escort life

Electromagnetic compatibility

Group control technology of elevator, reasonable arrangement of elevator with the purpose to save waiting time, escorting life

Infrared light curtain technology

Electromagnetic compatibility, which can effectively avoid electromagnetic wave interfer-ence of medical instrument and elevator signal, satisfying modern medical system needs

The elevator group control technology

Close disperse of 154 infrared beams which can detect sensitively foreign matters entering into area, preventing clamping, or crushing.

Stretcher Elevator

Bear The Weight Of Life, Caring About Elevator Taking Up And Down

Three major advantages of stretcher elevator

Safe and convenient

Adopt deep lift car, which is convenient for in and out of stretcher.

Green energy saving

Adopt green and pollution free materials,ensuring healthy envrionment.

Intelligent control technology

Adopt highly intelligent control technology, achieving stable operation, reducing discomfort in taking.

Standard Configuration


Optional Configuration

Ceiling:Mirror stainless steel, LED lamp

Handrail: Stainless steel flat handrail

Floor: Wear-resistant PVC plastic cement floor

COP: Operation panel for disabled (optional)



Optional Configuration

Ceiling: Mirror stainless steel frame and LED lamp

Ventilation:Axial fan

Car wall:Hairline stainless steel

Car door: Hairline stainless steel

Floor: PVC floor