Escalator/Moving walk

One-stop Arrival,never-ending View

AKSEN series of indoor and?outdoor?escalator?Products strictly abide by domestic and international related standards of escalator recently released,with sufficient application of?novel materials advanced technology home and abroad to make researeh,design,research ,design,Production and manufacturing.Combine with modern design style to make fashion aesthetics rebuild communication building style. AKSEN series escalator is widely applicable to Places with large Passenger flow volume such as shopping mall,supermarket,subway,and airport,Providing for you beautiful flowing scenery.

The advanced technical support

The application of micro一computer variable frequency technology(VVVF)and ergonomics research fruits bring about the more Perfect escalator properties,the more comfortable running.

Stainless steel step,skirting,inner/outer cover Plate

It appears deluxe,elegant and beautiful.The improved skirting reduces frictional Problem between material and material deformation.It ensures low friction between step and skirting.

Trouble display setting

It accurately shows the trouble Position,enhances repair and maintenance efficiency.Soft green light momently reminds the Passengers to safely enter into / exit from the escalator.

Rise Steeply To Create Perfect Traffic Flow

AKSEN Elevator adheres to the Principle of“safety comes first”,and never forget its original intention when designing stylish and beautiful appearance.Each Product has Passed strict on一site test,ensuring that each final Product is safe and reliable. AKSEN Moving Pavements are widely used in high一speed railway stations,subways,airports and other Places with high traffic volume,they Provide you with safe and convenient transportation.

Stable and reliable investment

Stable and reliable investment:The Pallet directly connecting with the chain which makes the running more smoothly and quietly,thus the service life is extended and its maintenance can be easily conducted.Special designed big wheel handrail drive runs in low noise and big Power,which improves the running condition of handrail,its life 15 hence Prolonged.Unique tube structure has a big load capacity,which greatly improves the overall stability and service life.

Colorful decorative effect

Colorful decoration:Various styled handrail can meet Personal demand in different environments.Beautiful stainless steel floor Plate has a three一dimension effect.Inner and outer decking adopts stainless steel.

Unparalleled economic

Incomparable economical:The Performance and service life,the moving walk fully utilizes advanced manufacturing Process,greatly improves Product most direct result is that the operation cost of the customer 15 reduced.The optional VF drive technology yields great energy一saving,reducing the running cost to the maximum.

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